iQ Montessori Activites

At iQ Montessori Scarborough, your child will participate in the following types of activities:

Daily Life Activities

The Daily Life Activities are designed to teach children to function in their own environment. They allow children to gain independence and to develop a sense of order, concentration, responsibility and co-ordination of movements. The confidence achieved through competence with the Daily Life materials lay the foundation for success in the order four avenues of the Montessori environment.

Effective manipulation of all Daily Life materials has contributed to the children’s success in the other areas. Music and Movement activities as well as Walking on the Line are parts of this area. Children ages 3-6 benefit immediately from these activities.

Sensory Activities

The activities in the Sensory area allow children of all ages to acquire the ability to distinguish dimensions, shapes, colours, textures, tastes, sounds and smells as well to name these attributes and to apply them in the class and home environment. Activities in this area, refine the senses and develop skills in thinking, judging, comparing and logic sequencing. The Sensorial activities prepare the children for a mathematical and logical mind, as well as challenging learning in language, mathematics and culture.

Language Art Activities

Language is everywhere in the children’s environment. The Montessori guide helps them to know their environment with clear, precise and relevant language. The children are educated to find initial and final sounds in words leading to composing, writing and reading simple words. The specially designed Montessori Language materials help children to be confident readers and then lead them into more advance language activities such as grammar and word usage.

Math Activities

The confidence and skills children acquired from experiences in the Daily Life & Sensory areas of the classroom environment prepare them for success in Mathematics.

In this area the children work with materials which sharpen and refine the logical and mathematical mind. The children will acquire an understanding of quantities and their symbols, an understanding of the four operations, and an opportunity for the memorization of mathematical facts preparing for abstraction.

Cultural Subject Activities

Culture in the Montessori environment includes facts in space and time, Geography, History, Botany, Music and Crafts. The teacher-guide exposes the children to diverse cultural facts that spark the children’s interest in the world around them.

Through cultural activities, the children become aware of their position and role in the large family of civilization.